Prince Public School has adopted and augmented the CBSE mission and blended it with its own ethos and philosophy to harness the potential of our young learners. There has been an earnest endeavour to amalgamate the 21st century learning with traditional values of leadership, discipline, academics excellence and service.

The academics has been laced with strings of activities such as to promote the 5'C in a learner-namely Curiosity, Collaboration, Communication, Critical thinking and Creativity. All with an underlined purpose to forward a responsible and committed global citizen of tomorrow.

The academics has been categorized broadly into three levels (Primary, Middle and senior) so as to appropriately cater to the age specific learning through exploration and inquiry. The academic curriculum has been accordingly designed so that the learner is able to construct their own views and derive their own conclusions through the various learning experiences.

The academia has been blended with thematic activities so as to promote interdisciplinary learning, DEAR classes to habituate Reading and writing and ME (Maths empowerment) classes to promote mathematical skills amongst students.

The academic programme for the levels is as follows:-
1. Primary (Classes I-V)
EnglishPhysical Education
HindiAerobics, Yoga
Computer ScienceG.K
Art & CraftHobby Lobby (Saturdays)
2. Middle (Classes VI - VIII)
EnglishSocial Studies
HindiHealth & Physical Education
Computer ScienceG.K
3. Higher Secondary (Classes IX and X)
EnglishHealth & Physical Education
Social Studies 
4. Senior Secondary (Classes XI and XII)
AccountancyPolitical Science
Business StudiesEconomics
Mathematics / EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship