Multipurpose Hall

Experience learning in an effective way.

Our school's teaching philosophy goes beyond classroom education and we ensure that we supplement the theoretical instruction with audio visual aids. To assist us in this effort, our school has a fully equipped Audio Visual Room which simplifies learning through multi-media facilities. Any multipurpose space should be able to handle a wide range of functions. Students have access to facts in a more interesting manner and can view presentations based on various subjects and other value based information. Through these aids, the teachers are able to disseminate knowledge via movies, wildlife documentaries, animated videos and talks by well-known and respected personalities that provide an insight into our country’s culture and heritage. These audio visual sessions are highly interactive as the teacher has the capability to pause the recording allowing students to ask questions and take maximum advantage of the learning being imparted.

It has acoustically treated walls and ceilings. It is technologically integrated and easily maintained. As a great multipurpose space, the hall satisfies the need of its assigned function-be it multimedia presentations, stage and musical productions, dining services. It's a fully air conditioned structure that has been conceptually blueprinted to distinguish it from the rest of the institution.