A healthy mind resides in a healthy body

There is a continued focus on age appropriate sports, physical exercise and health enhancing lifestyles. The importance of sports goes beyond serving as mere extracurricular activities. Sports are a positive aid to educational development and are imperative for formation of a sense of self-worth in an individual. Sports also play a key role in building sportsmanship and team spirit. Every student is an ambassador of the true spirit of prince-on and off the field. Students get an opportunity to experiment with a variety of sports that they wish to pursue, both to excel in or as a hobby. Sports inculcate discipline and perseverance. Scenarios from the playing field can be used as metaphors for tackling challenges in other areas of life.

The lush green ground come alive right from 6:30a.m with our budding sports enthusiast sweating it out to strike gold under the tutelage of competent sports trainers.