Not all readers are leaders,
But all leaders are readers

The school library remains an integral part of our school's cultural & social life. It remains the central point-an elixir for all kind of reading, learning & access centre to information, knowledge building & promoting deep thinking. We have two separate comprehensive libraries, one each for juniors and seniors. Each library has been refurbished and re-stocked in recent years and the school is committed to ongoing investment in books. The libraries have been designed to provide the students with a quiet and purposeful atmosphere for study and intellectually creative thought. Students are able to use the library throughout the term. It enriches student's curricular experiences by providing appropriate resources. The knowledge of the curriculum enables staff to purchase relevant resources and provide an environment that is conducive and will encourage divergent and reflective study. It provides an environment which encourages relaxation and private reading. The gradually evolving & reasonably well equipped library is being shaped towards a flourishing hub of learning reflection and potential eureka moments. Efforts are on to curate a wide section print as well as digital reading resources for our student & teaching conglomerate.